Roadtrip stop #6: San Diego

I love San Diego. I would love to live there, yes please! It is far enough from Los Angeles, right on the beach, and has absolutely perfect weather. The only hitch in the plan is cost of living in California...
Anyway, we left Coto de Caza Thursday (8/4) and headed straight down to Sea World!! This is one thing I had been looking forward to so much since we booked this trip. It was AMAZING!! I loved it more than Jared, mostly because I love animals more than he does, but he had fun too! We saw all the shows they had and both got nice sunburns...My favorite show was the sea lion show, with the tiny sea otter. They have a guy who does a pre show and is in the show and he was hilarious! We got great seats for all the shows and rode the Atlantis roller coaster.  Look at these great pictures!

This was so funny, you could buy fish to feed the sea lions, and they sea lions would bark at you to get your attention so you would throw them your fish. Sometimes the seagulls would snatch people's fish out of their fingers before they could throw it, and there was one sea lion who was laying on a rock in the middle of this pool, not barking, but literally screaming to get people's attention, it was hilarious!

yes...this would be the cutest thing ever, they were dancing the tango.

That would be a polar bear...
I love beluga whales...reminds of the "baby beluga" song I learned in like 1st grade...
After 8 long hours we called it quits and even got Chipotle for dinner...yes, best day ever...and it got even better when our cheap-o $40 a night hotel ended up being super nice, and gave us a free upgrade to a king bed! Score! The next day (Friday 8/5) we went to the beach. This was tricky, because we were actually staying in Escondito, which is like 20 miles inland, but we found one, and even though there were about 3 million people there we had a lot of fun. We got to use our boogie boards, and did a lot of people watching.  I wasn't feeling great though, so sadly we got pretty much no pictures from that beach trip, and we were only there for about half a day, I wish now that we would have stayed longer! I Love San Diego!!

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