Roadtrip stop #5: LA/Coto De Caza

I learned a few things about LA on this stop. 1. motorcyclists are NUTS....it is legal for them to ride between cars on the freeway, and also drive in the HOV lane. 2. Bel Air and Beverly Hills have a few cool houses, but honestly....I would never want to live there, and most of the houses are as big as the ones in the Timbers back home. 3. Cliche I know...but traffic is the worst, and sooo dangerous. 4. Hollywood is so overrated. 5. It was so busy and crazy we had planned to go to Santa Monica and go to the beach, but we just didn't even want to deal with it, so we didn't go!
Regardless of all the aforementioned problems however, we had a ton of fun in Los Angeles. We left Ridgecrest Wednesday (8/3) and headed over. It was only a 2 hour drive, and coming in was really pretty and we saw a lot of big homes. We got into Hollywood and parked on "Vine" street. Then we walked the walk of fame all the way up Hollywood Blvd to the Graumman Chinese theater. It was a long walk, and there were SOOO many people there! It was a Wednesday for goodness sakes! We were only there for about an hour and a half, and we ate lunch at Johnny Rockets (so good) in the mall they have next to the theater. Here are a few pictures from that journey.

Hollywood Sign!

On the way back to the car I convinced Jared that we should get a "Map of the Stars" where they show you a map of where all the movie stars live, and we could drive around and see their houses. It was only $5 so we did it, and headed over to Beverly Hills. There were 2 issues with this plan. 1. I remembered after driving around for a while that movie stars like their privacy, and put up 30 foot hedges around their houses for the exact purpose of keeping annoying tourists from looking in their houses all day, and 2. Jared was driving, which means I was in charge of the map. I am a woman... therefore maps are about 10000 times harder for me to read than a man. We had to pull over quite a few times because I had lost track of where we were haha. In my defense though, on top of being female and near map-illiterate, I get carsick! So I couldn't just study the map! Anyway, we did end up seeing Sylvester Stallone's house, though I didn't get a picture. And we saw a lot of other cool houses. Lots of athletes, oh and I got a picture of Elvis' LA home...well the front gate that is haha.
So we left Los Angeles at 3:30 and headed south to Coto De Caza, where Jared's Great Uncle and Aunt, Paul and Sheri live. We were in traffic for 2 hours!! Thankfully Jared is an exceptional driver, and got us there safe. Now I don't know how they could ever read this blog, but if they do, I will be so embarassed because I am going to absolutely gush for a second.
First of HOLY MOLY their house is huge!! Coto de Caza has to be the most high end city I've ever seen, and we had just driven through Beverly Hills! All the houses were HUGE and had big yards, and they lived in a gated community, it was so cool. Their house was beautiful and had so many nice things, and they took such good care of us. It was so fun because we weren't expecting to stay in a half mansion, and we were so surprised! They were so great to meet and get to know, and play card games with, I wish we could have stayed longer! But we got there that evening and took off the next morning.

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