Roadtrip stop #3: Morro Bay

well this one is less of a stop, more of a journey, from San Francisco all the way down highway 1 to Morro bay, we went on Sunday (7/31). Also this post is more pictures than writing.
We stopped at pigeon point lighthouse (wonderful) and saw seals in the water
also lots of random stops along the way, and pictures of gorgeous scenery

Those little dots in the water are seals!

Then right outside of Morro bay, on the side of the highway, right along the highway, we saw this.
Elephant seals, hibernating (and fighting) before a 5000 mile migration to go mate. here's a video, about halfway through two start fighting. Also I apologize for the German child yelling the whole time. Drove me NUTS! Anyway, they were soooo awesome, and HUGE, they were each at least 10 feet long! 

Then we got to Morro bay in the evening. Neither of us had ever been there, and let me tell you, it was a gem. we had dinner ALL by ourselves at this seaside restaraunt and it was delicious. Then we went over to Morro rock, a HUGE old volcano in the middle of the water, then sat on the beach and watched the sunset (Jared had never seen the sunset over the ocean, because he had only ever been to beaches on the East coast!)

Look at the ship going right under the sun! I bet they had a fantastic view!

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