Roadtrip stop #2: San Francisco

ok I'm a little behind here, but our next stop was San Francisco! We went on Saturday (7/30). Jared has a friend from his mission who lives just outside of Oakland, so him and his girlfriend graciously took us around the city on Saturday and it was a blast!
From Oakland we took the tram into San Francisco, and walked around for a little bit. After waiting like 45 minutes in line for the trolley, we finally got on one, and it was worth the wait! It was so cliche, getting on the trolley in San Franciso, but it is quite the ride, I cannot believe how hilly that city is! The guy that was operating ours was so funny. I ended up sitting next to Amanda, Jason's girlfriend, and Jared was on the other side, and the guy was giving Jared a hard time about not sitting next to his woman. Here are a few pictures from that awesome ride!
We got off the trolley down at Fisherman's Wharf, where there are tons of shops and attractions, and crazy people. There were a lot of people spray painted silver and gold acting like robots
And there were like 3 stations set up like this, with a guy doing spray paintings, those were so cool!
We had really wanted to do a night tour of Alcatraz, but come to find out, the tours were booked like amonth in advance! So instead we took the Blue and Gold tour out to the Golden Gate Bridge and then back around the outside of Alcatraz. That was my favorite part of the day. The Golden Gate Bridge is beautiful, and it was so cool being on the very front of the boat out there. Though warning for the pictures....it was CRAZY windy!! So we look pretty windblown haha...and I have just great hair for that kind of weather....
Haha it says "Indians Welcome"
On the way out of the port, there were a ton of sea lions laying out, they were so cute!
We then headed over to pier 39 where we got a great seafood lunch/dinner, then just walked around a bit more. We stopped in at a few art galleries and saw a bunch of Picassos, that was really cool. They also have "Ghiradelli Square" where the Ghiradelli factory is, so we walked around there, and got some free chocolate, and some ice cream. The only things I can say are that 1. Everything was WAY overpriced, and 2. The people there were so rude! But hey, the ice cream was good.

After a lot more walking, and tourist attractions, we took the Muni (the city bus) back to the tram, because the trolley took like an hour and a half and still hadn't gotten there, so we acted like locals and took the bus! Then headed back into Oakland, and spent the night with Jason's awesome family, and had delicious authentic Mexican breakfast the next morning.
San Francisco was so fun, and we are so grateful to Jason and Amanda taking us around!

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