Roadtrip stop #10: Parker, Colorado, then finally home!

ohhh I love Colorado, it wasn't a very eventful week at home with my family, but it was awesome, and so relaxing. We went out to eat at so many restaurants...the 2 best White Chocolate Grill and Cheesecake Factory. We saw Planet of the Apes and loved it, and we went to Jump Street, which was so fun. We celebrated Damon's birthday, and I decorated his cake (bleh). Plus we got to sleep in and watch tv, and just hang out. It was wonderful, and so nice to spend time with them, Oh and of course, we went to Costco, shocker huh!?

I went out with my mom to find outfits for us all for our family portraits next weekend (so excited for it!! I'll be sure to put up pictures!) So we get to see the whole family next weekend in Utah, my mom's side is all going there to be at my baby cousin's blessing, so everyone will be together for the first time in like 6 years!
Well Colorado was the perfect ending to our wonderful vacation, and we are happily back home now, doing just about jack squat. We seriously almost packed up and left for North Carolina a few days ago, but gas was the only issue...haha
My brother is living with us until December and it is great to have him around. We've been playing a lot of frisbee, going on a lot of walks, working out a lot, and we even rented a power kite one day! Other than that it's a lot of book reading and movie watching, and I have been baking up a storm...and having so much fun! So that will continue for the next 2 and a half weeks until school starts (scary!!)

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