Trip!! Family, and more updates...

TRIP IS BOOKED TRIP IS BOOKED!!!! Holy moly it is actually happening, today we spent all day online finding deals and booking hotels and campsites and confirming stays with family, and we are actually going. We even bought our sea world tickets (which by the way, I think I am most excited for so far!!!!) We are going to "V The Ultimate Variety Show" in Vegas, and staying in a sweet hotel, and we found all our campsites, I am just beyond ecstatic, I have the biggest trip ever to look forward to, and it's in just 17 days!! To see what we have planned, go here
In other news, my family has now all left, which is sad, I can't believe how quiet it is here! We had an awesome time with them here. Last weekend we did lots of shopping, saw Transformers, went to Yellowstone (where we saw a momma bear and her 2 cubs, they got separated, and we couldn't see the babies, and the mom was standing on her 2 back legs looking for them, when all of the sudden we spot them 70 feet up in a tree! Then about a minute later, the mom was in the tree, like 30 feet up, it was crazy! and probably the cutest thing I've ever seen, those babies climbing down the tree, they looked like little monkeys!) Then for fourth of July we went to the little parade here in Rexburg, and walked around all the booths set up and got a bunch of free stuff, then at night we went to the Rexburg Rodeo, and let me tell you...the Douglas County Rodeo could kick the Rexburg Rodeo's butt, but it was so fun, and I even caught a free t-shirt!
Mom, Dad, Lance and Damon all left Tuesday morning, and left Skyler and Nicole with us for the week. It was so fun, we saw X men, and went bridge jumping, and swam at Egin Lake, ate way way too much, and played so so much frisbee. The boys all went on a camping trip Friday night, so Nicole and I got to spend some quality sister time together watching gilmore girls, and going shopping the next day. It was so nice, I hate never seeing my cute sister, she is my best friend! But I am so glad I get to see them all in Colorado next month, where we will and our expedition (also I am beyond excited for a chicken burrito bowl from Chipotle, literally, I have been craving one SOOO bad, I will find myself daydreaming...)
So it's been a great week, though in other news, I show no signs of miscarrying, and I will be "10 weeks" tomorrow. It is a terrible feeling, pretty much knowing our little baby is not alright, but still being sick, and anxious, and there's always this tiny bit of hope that maybe the little guy is just being difficult and he'll pop up sometime soon....anyway, I have yet another ultrasound tomorrow, to make sure there's no kiddo, and then we will go from there...I just want this whole thing to be over, it is so stressful! Plus there's only 2 weeks left of school and I have so much to do I am so overwhelmed...yet here I sit...blogging away...
Here some pictures...enjoy!

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