Roadtrip stop #1: Reno, Nevada

I know this is funny, blogging on vacation, but this is really for my benefit! Call this my "journal" but I want to make sure I remember everything we do on this trip!
Well we made it all the way to Reno! After a 10 1/2 hour drive, we were totally worn out. Plus, 10 miles before the Nevada state line, still in Idaho, we literally sat and had to turn the car off because of so much construction, for like 45 minutes! Other than that it was uneventful and we got here safe!
After we got here we just hung out with my Grandpa that night, it is so fun being in this house! I lived here when I was 5 for about 6 months before we were able to move into our house here, so being here brings back so many memories! Thursday (7/ 28) we got up and headed downtown to the National Automobile Museum, there were parts of it that were free to see today because of a festival here called "Our town". Anyway, even though we only got to see a few things, and weren't there very long, it was so cool, and we saw some pretty cool cars!
Jared LOVES delorians...haha
Look at that manequin...ridiculous haha, but this "Phantom" car was HUGE!
After the museum we went to Scheels, in Sparks. Scheels is the biggest all sports store in the country. It's like Cabellas, only a trillion times cooler. Holy moly this place is HUGE!! They have two huge aquariums, one salt and one fresh, they have a full size ferris wheel in the middle of the store! Literally it took us an hour and a half just to walk around the whole store, and we didn't even stop and look at everything. This is totally one of my new favorite stores, it is so cool!
On the Ferris Wheel!
After Scheels we went to Panda express for lunch, reminds me of home! Then we went to see the house I lived in when we lived in Reno, over in Sun Valley. It was so funny! We just drove by, then drove by the school where I went to Kindergarten and first grade, it was so fun to show Jared where I was so little. Then we headed over to my Uncle Robin and Aunt Dana's house to spend some time with them and my adorable cousins. It was so nice to see them and just talk. I haven't seen them in like 6 years! My twin cousins Kerra and Brendan are 10 and they are just hilarious, and so fun, and their little sister Adelyn is 2 and is the cutest thing in the world. They have a ton of animals at their house (including a snake, and a few cockroaches...bleeehh) and we had fun having them show us around their little "zoo".
Then we went to the El Dorado casino for dinner at their delicious all you can eat buffet, where I proceeded to have the best macaroni and cheese, ever. Yes, I am a total child, going to a restaurant and eating mac and cheese =]
Next was today (Friday 7/29) and though we had big plans to go to Lake Tahoe, we decided it was going to be too busy, and the water would be too cold, so we decided to go to Virginia City, this fun town about 30 minutes from Reno. It used to be a mining town, and so they have a ton of shops and museums and tours and stuff, so we spent the day up there and had so much fun!
First we went to the "The Way it Was" museum, where they had so much stuff from the 1800s, like all sorts of medicines and appliances and other things. There were dolls wearing traditional women's clothing. Holy cow I couldn't believe wearing all that stuff in over 100 degree weather!
an old washing machine!
They have a huge old catholic church we went to, that was gorgeous, and talked to the museum guy there. Also we went into a shop that had a "shooting range" on the top of it. Of COURSE Jared and I had to make it a competition, but we ended up tying haha. 
We went to lunch at a place called "Cafe del Rio" and it was stinkin delicious. I have these quesadillas that were to die for. That afternoon we got our old fashioned picture taken, ya know like those old western pictures, sorry I don't have that to share, we only got a print of it! Then we headed over to one of the old mines and took a tour. Let's just say I am so glad I never had to and never will have to be a miner. That would totally suck. Because of how close magma is to the surface of the earth around places there's a lot of gold, it would get up to 140 degrees underground for those poor guys. We got to visit around the mine with it completely air conditioned thank you very much =]

So we take off in the morning over to California and we are so excited. We've had so much fun here, and we are just starting off our adventure! 
P.S. As I am typing this I am eating a "magnum" ice cream bar that my wonderful Grandpa just introduced me to. Well it is stinkin delicious. Just saying.

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