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I am obsessed, and maybe addicted. My obsession? Pinterest. For those of you who don't know what "Pinterest" is, it's this awesome website where you "curate" boards, and "pin" pictures of things you like onto those boards. For example, I have boards called "things I need NOW", "Dress Me Up", "Drool Worthy", "Things to make when I have all the time in the world", "Home Decor Dreams", etc. It's so fun because you can see other people's pins, and find DIY crafts, and recipes, or just really pretty things. So for those of you who don't have Pinterest, but find it pinteresting...hehe...let me know! (facebook, email, text) because you need an invitation to join the site. It is so much fun, and I have already made a ton of things I've found on there.
Pinterest Picks 07/24/11
Veggie Cups with Ranch
Ham and swiss rolls I had at my Bridal Shower!

Baby Ideas for the future!
Flowers to-do
Future Home Dreams

I love it! and I wish everyone had a pinterest, so give me your emails so I can invite you!

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