Harry Potter and other ends.

So this week is finally over. Let's just say it's been rough. My D&C surgery went well, and other than having a "bed day" Tuesday and Wednesday, I've been recovering well, just still getting used to not being pregnant anymore. I'm having very mixed emotions about it.
Anyway, we just got back from a wonderful night with our great friends Chelsey and Ross. We went to Sugar City to a little restaurant called "Ole's", that is totally in a house! Then over to St. Anthony to see the last Harry Potter movie. It was so nice to feel like we got out of town, at least for a few hours. Dinner was delicious, then before the movie we walked around St. Anthony and went to a little park. The movie theater, called the "roxy" was so cool too! It was built in the 30s, and has been shut down for the last 20 years, but this past January they reopened and are slowly trying to get it fully functional again. So anyway, the theater seats 300 people, and in the back there's this raised platform thing with comfy chairs on it, and somehow, all of us got to sit up there, best seats in the house! It was so fun! Harry Potter was awesome, I bawled through the last half. I thought the movie was awesome, and I'm so glad I read all the books again, it certainly won't be the last time.

So last week of school. I cannot even begin to express my relief. My grades are less than admirable...it's been a tough semester...but honestly I just want to pass...and be done.
I am decorating my final cake...I'm almost done, and I'll be sure to post pictures when it's finished. I'll be all done with this semester on Wednesday, then I will be a senior...crazy crazy.

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  1. Glad you got to get out of town for a bit. :) It's always fun to get out and get dressed up. Sorry about your tough week. It's over and hopefully you never have to go through that again!