Our Summer Adventure

Well I am listening to the wind howl outside, and cannot believe it is June 2nd, and we haven't broken 75 degrees yet. This semester is half over, but that still means I have 7 long weeks ahead. So new look to the blog...I wanted summer! and we also have some awesome plans in store for this summer that I have to look forward to, and will get me through these not-so-warm weeks!
This is the road trip plan we have for this summer... (click to see it bigger if you'd like)

It has evolved from our original idea, we will now be on this wild and crazy trip for a whole month, and we can't wait.
Here's what's on the itinerary:
Reno, Nevada-visit family there
Oakland & San Fransisco California-see the Golden Gate Bridge, also see the Oakland temple where my parents got married
BEAUTIFUL drive down Highway 1 along the coast!!
The one and only Pismo Beach, my home away from home (finally I get to show Jared!) and we will camp there
Ridgecrest, California to visit family, also to see Sequoia National Forest-which is like a huge dream of mine...lame I know haha
Los Angeles, California-walk down Hollywood blvd
San Diego-go to Seaworld, possibly universal studios, and definitely the beach
Tijuana, Mexico-just for a day, to visit one of Jared's old mission companions
Las Vegas, Nevada-see a show, stay in a great hotel
Grand Canyon, Arizona-Jared's never been, so why not! and we will camp
Lake Powell, Utah- Jet Skiing anyone?? and camping
Moab, Utah (possibly), and camping
Glenwood Springs, Colorado-up to the park there
Parker, Colorado-home for about a week for my brother Damon to turn 12 and be ordained
Mt. Rushmore, South Dakota-we figured this is something we both want to see, but don't want to take a whole vacation to see it, so why not!
Through Yellowstone..then home to Rexburg, where we have about 2 more weeks until school starts again.
This is probably the only time in our lives we will be able to do something like this. No school, no kiddos, no jobs, really no responsibility. I cannot wait for our adventure!!

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