Our best bites!!

As mentioned before, I am obsessed with "our best bites" a cooking blog turned cookbook, that has the best food! Well last week I was able to go get my cookbook signed by the authors, and my sweet friend Caitlin came along, we had so much fun!
The next day the ladies of "our best bites" Sarah and Kate came to the school and spoke in this business summit thing, and talked about how they started out their blog, and tips for success and things, and it totally inspired me to work harder on my own food blog, because I love doing it, and hey, if I could make money off of it? That would be awesome!
So anyway, this is my huge plug for our best bites, the cookbook is a bit on the expensive side, but I think it's totally worth it, I've made so many things since I got it like a month ago, and I went through and sticky noted all the recipes I love, or want to try, and I think there's only about 8 recipes I didn't bookmark....
oh and also, there are a ton of recipes in the book that arent on the blog, so it's not like you are paying for something you can already get for free, that would be a big rip off.
Well happy eating everyone....remember to "like" my own food blog at facebook.com/desperatechefwife
some of you "liked" the link that I put up to the page, but didn't actually like the page, so make sure you like it! and also, I post recipes very often, so remember to check the food blog...oh and feel free to click on any ads once you are there! =]

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