It's only Wednesday.

The past week has been long...but good.
We went and hiked "R" mountain on Saturday, the first time I've gone since coming to school almost 2 years ago haha. It was beautiful, and a gorgeous day, the hike is good most of the time, just part of the trail is like shelf rock and is a bit slippery. It's a hike I will definitely do again though!!

That night our friends Chelsey and Ross came over for dinner and a movie and crazy dessert. We love them!

I ended my interiorscaping class this week, thank heavens I pulled a B in that class, and Monday I started my flower Identification class. It's a little different than I thought it would be, namely an identification quiz ever class time (Mondays, wednesdays, and fridays) but I'm glad to not be looking at so many office plants anymore.
I also finished my first fondant cake!! Although there are things I don't like about it, I think for my first one it looks pretty cute!

Frisbee is also going pretty well, though after my altercation with a rogue frisbee 2 weeks ago, I am a bit skittish  We won our game last night though, and I think we only have 1 or 2 more before play offs start, so hopefully we can keep up the good work!

Also this week I started my new food blog!! Lame-o? probably. However I am super excited about it, and really it's a lot for my own benefit. I hate writing recipes down, and I hate how unorganized all my bookmarked recipes online are, so what better way to keep track of recipes I love than a food blog?! I'm pretty proud of it, and I think it's pretty cute! So follow my food blog and get awesome recipes, like the one for grown up Cinnamon toast I just posted!

And today is my sister Nicole's 16th Birthday!! I can't believe it, she is getting her license on Monday, and she can go on real live dates now. I am so sad I'm not there to celebrate with her!
Well we are on an "Office" kick this week, so along with watching Michael Scott, who I miss in the new ones, I am studying my behind off for my next flower quiz. Oh and tomorrow morning I register for my Fall Classes! In the lineup is:
Applied Culinary Fundamentals-3
Foodservice Management (where I run the campus cafe)-3
Agricultural sales and Management-3
The Family-3
Health and Wellness-2
Old Testament-2
Yup...that's 7 classes...19 credits...I am just so excited...(ummm not.)
7 weeks of school left! (ugh...that sounds like forever.)

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