"Not a viable pregnancy"


I have been debating whether or not to post something about this for a while, but for my own sake, this post is to let everyone know what is going on.
Almost a month ago we found out we were pregnant. This was a total surprise, we had been planning on waiting for another year, after we graduated, before starting our family, however we were instantly thrilled. This was a whole new feeling of excitement, this was a big deal, especially for my family, this made my parents grandparents, and my siblings uncles and an aunt, so we couldn't keep it a secret for very long.
We were discussing names, even narrowed down a few, and planning futures, and this past monday I was supposed to go into the doctor for my first ultrasound, and we were going to hear the heart. I was so excited for the weeks we waited before, and could hardly sleep the night before.
So we go in Monday, the day I would be 8 weeks along, and the doctor starts the ultrasound. Long story short, he couldn't find the baby, just an empty gestational sack. He had 2 explanations. 1-I am earlier than we thought, or 2-there's no kiddo.
So they drew my blood to check my HCG levels, and were going to check my blood again today. If the HCG levels hadn't doubled, it was bad news.
Well I got a call from the nurse today, saying she just got my results from the blood test, and the doctor saw them and said my HCG levels were so high that I must be 8 weeks along, and we should have seen something on the ultrasound, so he said I didn't have to get another blood test, he just wanted me to go to the hospital to see an ultrasound tech, to get a better ultrasound.
Oh we were so excited, we were so worried we weren't going to have a baby the past few days, and this was the hope we needed. So this afternoon we went to the hospital, and after an hour of tests and things, the tech didn't find anything, even though my gestational sack was measuring 7 weeks.
So the doctor wants me to call him tomorrow, probably to run more and more tests, but I've decided I can't. I am going to wait another 2 weeks, and if I haven't fully miscarried by then, we can see about doing another ultrasound, but until then, I can't keep my hopes up. There is a condition called a "blighted ovum", where basically an egg is fertilized, but an embryo never forms. You are technically "pregnant", because the fertilized egg implants and grows, but a baby never comes along. 2 clues I think I have this- 1. obviously we can't find the baby 2. when this is the case, you usually measure smaller (weeks wise) than you actually are. The tech said my gestational sack was measuring barely 7 weeks, when I should be over 8.
I know this is personal, possibly immature, especially to "blog" about it, but I also know a lot of people have been worried about us, and I just can't have this talk with all of you over and over, I am already completely drained! Please don't be sorry for us, just keep us in your prayers, that's really what we need right now. We love you all, thank you for love and support


Our best bites!!

As mentioned before, I am obsessed with "our best bites" a cooking blog turned cookbook, that has the best food! Well last week I was able to go get my cookbook signed by the authors, and my sweet friend Caitlin came along, we had so much fun!
The next day the ladies of "our best bites" Sarah and Kate came to the school and spoke in this business summit thing, and talked about how they started out their blog, and tips for success and things, and it totally inspired me to work harder on my own food blog, because I love doing it, and hey, if I could make money off of it? That would be awesome!
So anyway, this is my huge plug for our best bites, the cookbook is a bit on the expensive side, but I think it's totally worth it, I've made so many things since I got it like a month ago, and I went through and sticky noted all the recipes I love, or want to try, and I think there's only about 8 recipes I didn't bookmark....
oh and also, there are a ton of recipes in the book that arent on the blog, so it's not like you are paying for something you can already get for free, that would be a big rip off.
Well happy eating everyone....remember to "like" my own food blog at facebook.com/desperatechefwife
some of you "liked" the link that I put up to the page, but didn't actually like the page, so make sure you like it! and also, I post recipes very often, so remember to check the food blog...oh and feel free to click on any ads once you are there! =]


Fall Semester

This is my schedule for Fall Semester. 20 credits, 7 classes (one online). Oh and this isn't even including work. I am going to die.

However, light at the end of the tunnel...I only have to register for college one more time in my life. Also, my last semester (next winter) is going to be cake. 


It's only Wednesday.

The past week has been long...but good.
We went and hiked "R" mountain on Saturday, the first time I've gone since coming to school almost 2 years ago haha. It was beautiful, and a gorgeous day, the hike is good most of the time, just part of the trail is like shelf rock and is a bit slippery. It's a hike I will definitely do again though!!

That night our friends Chelsey and Ross came over for dinner and a movie and crazy dessert. We love them!

I ended my interiorscaping class this week, thank heavens I pulled a B in that class, and Monday I started my flower Identification class. It's a little different than I thought it would be, namely an identification quiz ever class time (Mondays, wednesdays, and fridays) but I'm glad to not be looking at so many office plants anymore.
I also finished my first fondant cake!! Although there are things I don't like about it, I think for my first one it looks pretty cute!

Frisbee is also going pretty well, though after my altercation with a rogue frisbee 2 weeks ago, I am a bit skittish  We won our game last night though, and I think we only have 1 or 2 more before play offs start, so hopefully we can keep up the good work!

Also this week I started my new food blog!! Lame-o? probably. However I am super excited about it, and really it's a lot for my own benefit. I hate writing recipes down, and I hate how unorganized all my bookmarked recipes online are, so what better way to keep track of recipes I love than a food blog?! I'm pretty proud of it, and I think it's pretty cute! So follow my food blog and get awesome recipes, like the one for grown up Cinnamon toast I just posted!

And today is my sister Nicole's 16th Birthday!! I can't believe it, she is getting her license on Monday, and she can go on real live dates now. I am so sad I'm not there to celebrate with her!
Well we are on an "Office" kick this week, so along with watching Michael Scott, who I miss in the new ones, I am studying my behind off for my next flower quiz. Oh and tomorrow morning I register for my Fall Classes! In the lineup is:
Applied Culinary Fundamentals-3
Foodservice Management (where I run the campus cafe)-3
Agricultural sales and Management-3
The Family-3
Health and Wellness-2
Old Testament-2
Yup...that's 7 classes...19 credits...I am just so excited...(ummm not.)
7 weeks of school left! (ugh...that sounds like forever.)


Our Summer Adventure

Well I am listening to the wind howl outside, and cannot believe it is June 2nd, and we haven't broken 75 degrees yet. This semester is half over, but that still means I have 7 long weeks ahead. So new look to the blog...I wanted summer! and we also have some awesome plans in store for this summer that I have to look forward to, and will get me through these not-so-warm weeks!
This is the road trip plan we have for this summer... (click to see it bigger if you'd like)

It has evolved from our original idea, we will now be on this wild and crazy trip for a whole month, and we can't wait.
Here's what's on the itinerary:
Reno, Nevada-visit family there
Oakland & San Fransisco California-see the Golden Gate Bridge, also see the Oakland temple where my parents got married
BEAUTIFUL drive down Highway 1 along the coast!!
The one and only Pismo Beach, my home away from home (finally I get to show Jared!) and we will camp there
Ridgecrest, California to visit family, also to see Sequoia National Forest-which is like a huge dream of mine...lame I know haha
Los Angeles, California-walk down Hollywood blvd
San Diego-go to Seaworld, possibly universal studios, and definitely the beach
Tijuana, Mexico-just for a day, to visit one of Jared's old mission companions
Las Vegas, Nevada-see a show, stay in a great hotel
Grand Canyon, Arizona-Jared's never been, so why not! and we will camp
Lake Powell, Utah- Jet Skiing anyone?? and camping
Moab, Utah (possibly), and camping
Glenwood Springs, Colorado-up to the park there
Parker, Colorado-home for about a week for my brother Damon to turn 12 and be ordained
Mt. Rushmore, South Dakota-we figured this is something we both want to see, but don't want to take a whole vacation to see it, so why not!
Through Yellowstone..then home to Rexburg, where we have about 2 more weeks until school starts again.
This is probably the only time in our lives we will be able to do something like this. No school, no kiddos, no jobs, really no responsibility. I cannot wait for our adventure!!