Top 10 for the week

1. Going shopping ALL BY MYSELF, (which I LOVE) Saturday when Jared went to Skull Canyon with the boys

2. Playing our first frisbee game of the season-scoring a goal and not even knowing it,-intimidation screaming at a girl and making her drop the frisbee-and beating them 13-7

3. Tanning (yes...guilty) and feeling some Vitamin D, man I've missed that!

4. Setting up Christmas in the Benson building for my interiorscaping class (pictures to come!)-and fighting with a girl in my class....haha

5. Finally getting the hang of driving the stick...and doing it well!

6. Giving a tour of the greenhouses and the planetarium to 30 5th graders, and having the 5 little boys up front fight over who got to sit and walk with me

7. 75 degree weather...man when Rexburg has good weather, it sure knows how to have good weather

8. Talking to my sweet mom for an hour and a half on Mother's day, she is so great, and I miss her so much!

9. Assistant coaching the lacrosse team, getting pumped for their first game on Friday

10. Having everyone over to watch "The Last Exorcism" (and scaring people more with my screaming than the actual movie) and to play Halo. So fun!

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