Our New Addition(s)!!

As you all know I am becoming quite the plant enthusiast...since I am no longer in flower center, where I have beautiful arrangements twice a week, I have been feeling plant-deprived. I am taking an interiorscaping class this semester, learning all about potted plants, and we have been talking about all the awesome benefits plants have, and really how important it is to have them in our environment....so no, no kids, no dogs, no kittens, no fish, my new pets are plants!!!

Here is my beautiful hydrangea bush...I love the pink and green!

And my little baby rubber plant who is so adorable, I love his soft leaves!

This one was Jared's to pick out...

Let's zoom in on that name again.....

yup I knew he'd want that one.
Yes I will love them and care for them, and be devastated if they die. (which they won't...I WILL get over my black thumb!!)
If anyone else wants some plants, visit the greenhouse in the Benson building Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm, and they are sooo much cheaper than buying them anywhere else. Seriously, go get some plants, they make you happier, and smarter, and healthier. Really.

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