One Year Anniversary!

They say the first year is the hardest...well I sure hope so, because then we have like the best life in the whole world ahead of us. I cannot believe we have been married a whole year. What a wonderful, beautiful year. This weekend we reminisced a ton about the weekend we got married, and although I wish I remembered more (for those of you not married...you remember very little about your wedding day...so take lots of pictures!!) I just remember glowing, because I was so happy, and because I found my other half, and I was going to spend forever with him. Also I remember the food was really really really good.
So what to do for an anniversary? Well I am the luckiest girl in the whole world, and I didn't have to worry about planning ANYTHING because my sweet, wonderful, amazing husband planned an entire getaway for us and it was perfect.
Saturday morning we woke up and finished homework (ughhh), then he told me we were going to Logan and Bear Lake for the weekend. Though Logan is not glamorous, it's somewhere other than Rexburg, so I was thrilled. He said we couldn't check into our hotel until 5 that night, so he wanted to stop at the grocery store on the way out to get stuff for a picnic, which I was so excited about. I have a thing for picnics. So we packed and headed out. We got to Logan at about 2, and stopped to see a movie. We ended up seeing Thor, and both liked it, though it is a tiny bit dumb haha. After that we went to the Logan temple, which is my favorite temple, and had our picnic. So fun!

We then drove to our hotel. We pulled up to the cutest little house-looking place and on a sign on the front it said "Anniversary Inn". Ohhhhh I was so excited! We stayed in an Anniversary inn in Salt Lake right after we got married on our "mini-honeymoon", and they have the awesome themed rooms. So we checked in and Jared guided me to "Aphrodite's Court" (this is cute because Jared always calls me "aphrodite", so it was my room!) Oh man this room was gorgeous...see for yourself!

In-Room-Jacuzzi...best thing ever.
Complimentary cheesecake and Sparkling cider!

And although I didn't get a picture, they also serve you breakfast in bed, and it is absolutely delicious! So yeah, I am completely spoiled.
Later that night we went to an awesome dinner at a place called the Iron Gate Grill, holy cow amazing. We both had this chicken cordon bleu that they cook in a puff pastry, and it was one of the best things I've ever eaten. I wouldn't taken a picture, but it was dark in the restaurant, and the people next to us were getting sick of our flash.
Sunday, our real anniversary we literally just and watched tv all day. Just remember this is my 3rd semester straight, and I really haven't gotten a break since Christmas, so sleeping, and hot tubbing, and watching tv was awesome, and so relaxing, it was exactly what I needed! For lunch we went to IHOP (classy, I know...but it is so good!) then for dinner we just ordered pizza. Through a series of mistakes from the pizza hut, we ended up with 2 large pizzas and a dessert pizza for the price of one. So we have an abundance of leftovers...man we appreciate those little things.
In one-year-anniversary tradition demands, we have been saving the top of our wedding cake to eat on this glorious day, so we did! Or at least like 3 bites each...we were both stuffed from all the pizza we ate haha

Then this morning we stopped at the temple to get some pictures...because we didn't want to get pictures the first day we were there because there were so many weddings we didn't want to get in the way.
Then we drove to Bear lake. We would have liked to spend more time there, but  it was stinking cold, and most of the places on the lake were closed, so we just enjoyed a gorgeous drive, and also some famous raspberry shakes, which are amazing. This is definitely somewhere we will have to visit when it's warmer.

Finally, Jared pulls out this bag from the trunk. Man this boy spoils me. I open it to find the "Our Best Bites" cookbook, which I have been dying to own since I discovered their amazing food blog a couple months ago. He said it was a gift for both of us because he would eat all the things I made! I am super excited because the authors of this book are coming to Rexburg next week for book signings, and I will get it signed!

So all in all it was the 2nd best weekend of my life...the first best was exactly a year ago =] I think we watched at least 10 movies, and like 20 episodes of pawn stars, and slept most of the trip, but it was wonderful. I am so glad for such an awesome marriage. I get to do everything with my best friend in the whole world. How lucky is that?
I can't wait for our next year, and decade, and half century (we plan on making at least 70 years =] ). Every day is an adventure, and I will thank Heaven every day for my sweet husband. I love you!

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