Oh do I love my family. My sweet mom, my hardworking dad, hilarious Skyler, beautiful Nicole, smart Lance and ohhh Damon =] and last semester I got so spoiled, seeing them just about once a month. This semester I have missed them so much, and can't wait for the next time to see them!
However, I do have quite a bit of consolation because I have family here! I absolutely LOVE having Mariah and Ethan (see Ethan...I do mention you!) out here. They are seriously my sister and brother. I love having Mariah, who I can just call, or go tanning with, or just be with! and I am loving having Ethan over here with Jared all the time, and coaching him on which girls to date...haha. Even though I was a little late on meeting Ethan, I totally adore him, and I'm so glad he is my brother in law!
It's just that I am a total mom at heart, and I feel completely lost if I don't have people to take care of, not that Ethan and Mariah need taking care of, but I like to make sure they have things they need, and be there for them, and make them dinner and treats, it is just what I love to do! So we had our first family only dinner last night and it was just so fun. I was totally in my element, and the only regret I had was that my own blood brother and sister weren't here to have so much fun with us all.
Here is my dessert I made...chocolate chip cookie pie...yummm

Such a beautiful day, we had to go out and play at the canal


Ethan decided to take a small swim...

All of us Thomases (?)

I have been talking to my mom today, and the whole family may be coming out for the 4th of July (ooohhh I hope so, they haven't ever seen our apartment!) and if they do, they are going to leave Skyler and Nicole here for like an extra week to hang out with us, and I can't wait!

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  1. They couldn't be in better hands. Thanks for looking out for them and taking such good care of Jared. Hope your family gets to visit in July. What fun it will be to have Skyler and Nicole in the mix for awhile.

    Oh-- Shannon, you are doing a wonderful job with your blog. Keep it up.