What a great few weeks!

Well finally the winter semester is done! I finished strong, and maintained my 3.45 gpa (woo hoo!!) School ended last Friday, then I spent alllll day cleaning our apartment so it could be nice for the family coming out the next week, then Sunday we drove down to salt lake and flew to Austin to get our car! We got in late, and left early, but it was so nice seeing my aunt and uncle, they are so awesome! So the Altima didn't work out, but I think it is a total blessing, because we got a great 2009 pontiac vibe with 20,000 miles on it, AND it was 2 grand cheaper! (which is always a wonderful thing...) The only downside is that it is a standard...and although I have been taught how to drive a stick many times, I still have yet to get it down, so I guess I just have to practice and practice, but it is still such a cool car!

So we left Austin on Monday morning and drove to Amarillo. We ate at a place called Rudy's, which my aunt said was some of the best bbq in Texas...well two days later we saw one in Pueblo, CO...so i guess it's some of the best bbq in the U.S. haha. Anyway Texas was so warm, it was so nice having the windows rolled down and not wearing jackets. We got into Amarillo late and stayed at the ever luxurious Super 8. The next day we got up and made our way to good old Colorado, where we got in at like 3. My family was gone though...in Cancun without us!!! (they had a great time by the way, and they are sooo tan, I am so jealous!) So we spent the night at my parents house then got up Wednesday (at 4:30 in the morning) and  headed to Rexburg. After we got in, about 4 hours later Sarah, Ethan, and Mariah got in, and it was so great to see them! I'm so glad they were able to stay with us and hang out. It was great meeting my brother in law, and I am excited to get to know him better. I'm also so glad I will have Mariah in Rexburg to hang out with! Friday I got to spend the day with them while Jared worked, and I had so much fun shopping and talking. So they are moved in, and Sarah is still at our apartment and Jared is there, but for the weekend my mom flew me out to Colorado (yes, twice in one week!) to suprise my dad because today he graduated from college!
I got in yesterday morning and just got to hang out (and take a 3 hour nap...this week has been exhausting!) then last night we had a big party for my dad, and a ton of people showed up. I love seeing anyone, but I still feel so much more comfortable hanging out with my siblings and the other "kids", even though I'm an old married woman haha. Here is the cake I spent forever making for it!

Then the graduation was today, and it was great. I am so proud of my dad!! I head back to Rexburg tomorrow afternoon, and start my new semester on Tuesday...yeah quite the break I know! Here are the pictures from today!

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  1. Shannon this cake is amazing!! And so is your car! I'm so envious of your life right now haha :) xoox