My Current Obsessions

"Up" (and I will say although I liked Tangled, Up is still the best.) This is my sister playing that gorgeous song from the montage at the beginning.

Ghost Whisperer

Lost (this is an ongoing obsession...)

Bittersweet Chocolate

Decorating cakes

Running outside (every day!!) This is my route! I'm starting at 2 miles and working up!

Admiring (and learning to drive) my new car...

Curly hair

ourbestbites.com Seriously I want to make everything on this website...

Reading all the Harry Potter books before the last movie comes out (although I am stuck on the 5th one...where he whines and whines...)

Apples!! I have eaten one almost every single day since Christmas. Pink ladies are the best.

Having family here to love and take care of!

The college avenue Deli
Trying to find motivation while I lay in bed in the morning possibly missing class.......

If I think of more, I will add them!
Love you all!

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