Can't seem to find my motivation...

Well I've been in school for over a week now...and it feels like an extension of last semester...I ended up dropping a class so i'm back to a very manageable 16 credits...but I still don't seem to want to do much of anything. Our car is still doing great, we still have to switch over the title and figure out insurance, but we found out we got it for half of its bluebook value, and what's more, we LOVE the car...and I have driven it a few times successfully, I just have to practice driving the stick, every time I drive the car I freak out and think I am going to crash into every car on the road...so I guess I have to get over that fear haha.
It was so great to have Sarah, my sweet Mother-in-law, stay with us for a while. She took me and Mariah out for manicures and shopping so much, she is so great! We were sad to see her go home.
We have had a lot of fun though! Saturday me, Jared, and Ethan headed down to Logan because they were playing a lacrosse game down there. Here are a few pictures from that.

The boys start up lacrosse here this weekend, and it looks like Jared is going to coach and I will be the assistant coach and I'm so excited! Also, we might be playing frisbee again this semester, I sure hope so because that is one sport I feel like I am adequate at, and I love it!
Sunday, wonderful Easter! I decided to go all out and make a huge dinner for everyone. On the menu was ham, potato casserole, broccoli casserole, rolls, deviled eggs, and for dessert I made everyone an individual molten lava cake. I do have to say I was quite proud, and I've never cooked for so long in my life, and I loved doing it! I was so nice to have everyone over and to play games. I love having family here and being there for them, and taking care of everyone! I didn't get any pictures which I was bummed about, but I guess that's good, everyone liked the food so much it was gone right away!
My classes are going well, though I have a problem called I wish I didn't have to work at anything, and I wish I was instantly good at things, so cake decorating is kind of stressing me out, I just have to practice and practice. Also, my culinary nutrition class is awesome...we made the most delicious chicken ever, and I'm learning so much about adding nutrients to what I cook.
Well other news, we found an AWESOME surround sound system for super cheap on the byui bulletin board, and Jared went and got it, and came home with 2 presents for me, the movies Up, and Enchanted (he handed me Enchanted and said "I just want to reiterate that this is for YOU and in no way is connected to me" hehe). Isn't he great!
Only about 13 weeks left of this semester....I guess I will find a way to glide through...

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  1. Shannon my best friend and I are in awe at your Easter dinner....can we come next Easter?! Hahah :) You are amazing!! Your classes sound so interesting..I want to be your major haha you have my dream life jeeeeeeez!!! xoxo :)