That's right folks, 4 days left of this semester. I had two finals Friday, two finals yesterday, a final this morning, a final Friday morning, and two finals due on Saturday. Yes it is such a fabulous week, and yet somehow when it's over...I will definitely survive. One bright spot though, was that I got to do my course evaluations yesterday, which meant ripping some courses and instructors to shreds. Oh sweet revenge...
Then Sunday we fly down to Texas to bring home a car...though it may not be our Altima we have been wanting, we may come home with a 2009 Pontiac Vibe...which looks like this...though ours would be navy blue...

I think it's actually a pretty cool car, and heck, I could really care less as long as I can get our groceries home.
Other big news of the week, I've had a small makeover! My sad sad bleached hair was falling apart more quickly than I could fix it so it got chopped and dyed to my natural color. Jared hated it at first, because he doesn't like short hair, but it's grown on him, as long as I promise that when my hair is healthy again I bleach it back haha. sorry I look semi creepy in this picture, but you get the idea...

Oh and wonderful conference was this past weekend! I was so proud I watched every session, and it was amazing. By far though, my favorite talk was by the wonderful Richard G. Scott in talking about marriage. Did you know his wife died almost 20 years ago and he has never remarried? He is just waiting to die to see her again. I balled through the whole talk, and really thought it was absolutely beautiful. I love conference!

Last night we discovered our new favorite place in Rexburg. Formerly Pita Pit (which got old fast), now has transformed into the College Avenue Deli, and it is DELICIOUS!!!
Not too expensive, great food, so many options, and they don't screw you over when it comes to putting stuff on your sandwich, wrap, or pita. It is so cool, you go in and they have a ton of menus hanging, and you take a vis-a-vis (uh...spelling?) marker and mark exactly what you want, then give it to the cashier. It is awesome! So after my wrap and Jared's HUGE sandwich, we decided to splurge (in money and in cholesterol) and got their fried cheesecake with strawberry topping. Well....I died and went to heaven. So anyway if you are kicking around Rexburg and you are sick of all the crappy food everywhere like we are, hit up the College Avenue Deli, you might see us there because we are officially obsessed.
Speaking of awesome food check out my Culinary Fundamentals Practical final picture, me and 3 other people were given a list of foods that we had to use to create a masterpiece. Here is our steak, asparagus, fetuccini and turnip dish. Oh man it was amazing. I am so proud!
Lastly, I have been doing flowers like CRAZY because since the show we have had so many left overs, so I've had my apartment covered in designs. Here is one I made today...it got a little smashed walking through the almost-hurricane outside, but I still love it, it has Calla lilies, lilies, daisies, and gladiolas all in a nice robin blue and coral

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  1. i'm so happy you mentioned the deli.. i have seen it a few times and debated whether or not we should go there! glad to know they arent stingy:) p.s. your hair looks way cute!