Floral Show!!

Oh what a crazy week. This has been the craziest week of my life, I've never stood up for so long, or spent so long in a school building, but it's over! And the show was fabulous. Here is a walk through of my room right before we were finished

And here's a video of the whole tour, it is like 17 minutes long, but it is pretty awesome, but a warning, it is pretty shaky, you might get dizzy watching haha. 

The show was great. This week on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday we cleaned the cooler, and processed $16000 worth of flowers. This took hours and hours and hours! Our group also made our beautiful aisle runner, which took a few hours. Then Thursday night I had to be there from 3:15-10:00 while people were making their bouquets because of the committee I was on, and during that time I also made my bouquet, which I totally love and am so proud of!!
Then Friday, after having my normal cooking classes from 8-2 where I am on my feet the whole time, we met at 2:30 to start working on our room......and we didn't leave until 1:00 that night. We set up plastic on the walls, arranged a TON of flowers, and just helped everything get set up, that was SUCH a long day, my feet and knees are so bruised from standing that entire day, I could barely walk! Here are some of the flowers I did

I didn't make that bouquet, just the arch with all the little lilies in that arch
Then Saturday we met at about 8:30 and worked until 1, when the show started. That's when I built my orchid trees, aren't they so pretty!?

Then the show started and tons of people came through, that's when it really calmed down for me. Most of the time I just sat in our room answering questions about designs and things. My favorite was when I hear people raving about designs I had done, and they didn't even know I was there! Anyway it was such a cool experience, and I'm so glad I was a part of it. All of the cakes in the rooms were made by the advanced cake decorating class, and I'm going to take that next winter for the show, so I will have one displayed!
Also for this show, some of the Northwestern members of AIFD (american institute of floral design) came to put on a few workshops and do a bouquet show. AIFD is a huge deal, its like getting your doctorate in floral design, people that graduate there have "AIFD" after their names like doctors would have "MD" after their names. But anyway, it was a HUGE deal to have them at the show. I wasn't able to go to their workshops, I was busy working on our room, but I got to go to the bouquet show, and although some of it was pretty stupid, and some of these people are just a teensy bit full of themselves, it was amazing to see their designs, even if they are way too over the top. Here are my favorites!

Well that was my week, I do have to say I'm glad the show is over, and 2 of my classes ended with that. Oh I also registered Friday morning, 19 credits again next semester, but I am so excited! I'm taking Interiorscaping (1st block class), Flower Identification (2nd block class), Culinary Nutrition, Cake Decorating, Marriage, Family Relations, Family Foundations, and my Foundations Capstone(1st block class). 
On top of there only being 4 weeks left, and then starting a new semester, and also having family here, AND getting our car, I am just excited it is warming up! Well...we are about in the 40s now, so we are making progress! I cannot wait to be outside so much more next semester!

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