Great Quick Weekend!

Well things have been going pretty good the last few days. Last Thursday I saw someone post on facebook about some fire in Parker, Colorado. I proceeded to go to trusty 9news.com and saw that 8500 people had been evacuated because of a huge fire! I called my mom and she was on her way out of their house! This was so scary! The fire ended up burning 1600 acres, but thank goodness didn't get to any houses. However, it was just my mom, Nicole, and Damon at home, and my mom told me my Dad, Skyler, and Lance were on their way to Utah for the weekend. I called my dad, and Jared and I decided to head down there to see them! So Friday after Jared got off work we went down to my Grandma's and got to spend a day with a few members of my family! It was so nice to see them and hang out. I miss my dad so much!! We went and saw Limitless (TERRRRIBLE movie by the way) and went down to my uncle Steve's house for a few hours, then everyone met back at Grandma's for a great dinner. Plus, grandpa made spoon fudge....my favorite thing in the world!

At Steve's house we got to play with their cute dogs, Baloo and Remington. Remington is my new one true love, and he is a pyranese/poodle mix, and is about 8 weeks old. He also won Jared over a little, and gave dogs a few points in his book, I am always trying to convince Jared how great dogs are, as long as they aren't too big and are hypoallergetic, so this was a good start...plus...how could Jared resist this face!?

Yes this is probably the worst picture of me and Jared in history, but its the only one we got!! haha

Then we came back up here Yesterday morning, and I have so many projects to do this week I have been working nonstop! Next week is finals and I have a lot to do, but I am so close to getting it done!
We decided to keep trying to get our car and are crossing our fingers that everything works out, and we are still planning on heading down to Austin in 2 weeks! Please pray for us that it will work out!

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