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What a great last few months! Just a bit of an update...We were able to go to North Carolina for Christmas, and it was so great. It was so fun to spend a few weeks with the whole Thomas family. They are great and it was so warm in Charlotte! We got to go up to Ashville to see the Biltmore house, which is the biggest house in the United States. It was gorgeous and it was so fun to hang out with Mike and Vanessa and Mariah.
Christmas was great, Jared and I got so spoiled! And we were even able to Skype with Ethan in Chile...and he is home now!
Last week Jared was able to go back to North Carolina again to see Ethan get home from his mission. They haven't seen each other for about 3 1/2 years, so it was great for him to be able to spend time with him. However this required that I stay home alone for a week. Let's just say I am not a fan of being away from my husband, and I was expressing this to my sweet dad a few weeks ago and he offered to fly me home for the weekend that Jared was gone, so I was able to go to Colorado for 2 days, and it was wonderful! I miss them so much. Since we've gotten married I've only seen my family for a few days over Thanksgiving, and it was so great to see them and hang out. I got to stay up late and talk to Nicole about everything going on, and I got to talk to my parents and watch Ghost Whisperer with my mom. I cannot believe how different Lance looks even since Thanksgiving, he is not a little boy anymore! So that was a quick trip, but it helped me get through my Jared-less week and now I have him back home and we are so happy!
Anyway, after Christmas we just came back here to Rexburg and the last 6 weeks have been a blur of homework and classes. I feel like I am just keeping my head down and running for the end of this semester. I am loving baking and my culinary fundamentals class, and my wedding flowers classes, but I have so many classes it is so hard to keep track of everything, and I am fighting to keep it all under control! It is teaching me pretty good time management though, which is a plus I guess.
Here are some of the many flowers I've done:

Well truth be told our lives are just not that interesting right now....school is dominating my life, and up until yesterday Jared had been searching for a job, and he got one!! We are so happy finally he found something. He is working as a receptionist at Smith and Kunz, which is an accounting firm here in Rexburg. He is getting a lot of good experience around finance, and speaking Spanish like crazy.
Another big thing is our recent aquisition of a 2010 Black Nissan Altima with 7000 miles on it! It's a big thing for us, buying a car, and we wanted to get something nice and reliable. My uncle Ramon buys salvage cars at auctions and fixes them up, so we are able to get a steal of a deal on it, and it is going to be great! It is currently being nursed back to health in Texas, but we will be getting it soon!

Well I know this was a pretty lame-o update, but I will try to be better. Midterms are this upcoming week, along with Valentine's Day! I cannot believe we got engaged a year ago, this whole year has been so amazing it's crazy to think what is in store for us!

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