Glad this week is over...

Well it's been a pretty long week, and I am glad we are starting a new one. Midterms is over, thank goodness, and now the end of the semester stress-fest is about to commence. I got approved for fast grad this week, so I am officially going to school next semester. We will both be going to school, hopefully both working, taking a ton of credits, and coaching a lacrosse team. It is going to be a busy semester! But it will all be ok when it finally warms up!
My flower show is coming up in two weeks, so our group is working hard to figure out what we are going to do for our room. For those of you in Rexburg, preeettyyy pleasseee come to the Horticulture Bridal flower show on March 12th (2 weeks). We are doing 8 themed wedding/party rooms, and lots of flowers for people to get ideas, and to come support their horticulture friends! I am in the sunset themed room, and it is going to be amazing. I have been having so much fun planning this and can't wait for the show. Here are my flowers I did this week!
I have also been applying for jobs this week. I applied at Circle of Love, Maurices, Down East, and this telephone survey place. I have to still turn in some stuff, but I am crossing my fingers that I can find a job so I can help make us some money. Plus I could keep it over the Spring semester and summer, so I figured it would be a good idea to start early.
Yesterday morning Julie, B. Beck, the General Relief Society President came up to BYU-I and gave a regional conference. It was an awesome experience to attend and feel the Spirit. I love that woman, and I needed to hear so much of what she had to say. After that, on a spiritual high, we were able to go to the temple and it was so nice. I am going to try so hard to go so much more often. I never want to grow up and regret not going to the temple when I had one three blocks from where I live!
Well here is what I baked this week in class, it is a fresh strawberry pie. Let's just say pies are not my specialty, though the crust's texture was like to-die-for. It ended up a little sad and crispy on some of the edges, plus transporting it home caused a lot of the edges to fall off.....So it is safe to say I don't think I will be baking many pies in the future...
Alrighty, well 30 days left, and in that amount of time I have a lot of classes taking breaks, and ending after the wedding show. So i am just staying calm to the finish. I cannot believe it is March on Tuesday though...I feel like it was just Christmas!
Oh by the way...I have become addicted to Grey's anatomy...I haven't really stopped watching it since Monday....it might be a problem...

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