Count Your Blessings Name Them One By One....

Because I feel like I haven't done anything the last 3 weeks except for study and work my butt off for school, I will take a few minutes to gush about how awesome my life is.
I am blessed to attend a wonderful University. This place is extremely affordable, located in a great little city, and strengthens my testimony every day. I love BYU-Idaho, and I am proud to be a student here! Also, I sure am glad this semester is OVER!!!
My family is wonderful. I have the best relationship with my Mom and Dad, they are so supportive, and there to help me with anything I might need. I can't wait to call my mom every few days and talk to her, just to see what she has to say, and every time I talk to my Dad I wish I could just be hanging out with him all the time. I have 3 great brothers who never cease making me laugh, and I love them for such different things, and the best sister in the entire world, not to mention the most gorgeous.....
And the other side of my family, my in-laws. Man did I dodge a bullet on that one. My Mother and Father in law are so loving and kind, I love talking to them and hearing from them. I have three amazing sister-in-laws who are all beautiful, and who have taken me in and made me feel so accepted and loved. Also three awesome brother-in-laws, though I have yet to meet one of them....But I am so grateful Ethan is coming home soon, and that I am so blessed to be married into a wonderful family that loves the gospel.
I live in a beautiful apartment! We have so much space, and room for all of our friends to be with us here. We have room for people to stay with us, and for all of our stuff, and I've tried to make it a real home and I've been blessed to be able to decorate it and make it our home for our little family. We are also blessed that it is so affordable. There is nowhere else in Rexburg that we would be able to get the room we have for the same price, and that has been such a blessing for us.
I am able to study what I want to study. I got to create my own major, and I am loving learning about culinary arts, event planning, and Marriage and family studies. These are skills I will use throughout my life, and I cannot wait to continue with this education.
I am healthy. Sometimes I may not seem like I'm very healthy. I'm always sick with a cold, or a sinus infection, or the flu, or some type of ailment, but I can survive. I am strong, and vibrant, and I am able to do everything I want to do.
We are able to do fun things! It is so awesome to be able to do pretty much whatever we want! We are blessed to be able to enjoy these activities whether it's going out to enjoy this beautiful area we live in, or going on a date once a week. We are financially able to do things that bring us closer together, and create  memories that we will always share, and more than the financial aspect, we have the time and opportunity to do these things together.
I am so blessed to have a husband who is financially conscious! The only way to get rich is to not spend your money, and my husband is great at keeping that goal for us in mind. He is so responsible, and I trust him with everything, I know he will always take such good care of me!
I love having the temple so close. Even if I do not have time to make it there every week, having that incredible and beautiful building so close keeps the Spirit close as well. It is amazing what just looking at the temple will do to brighten my day and my attitude.
We have been so blessed with the motivation to read our scriptures! This is something I have never been particularly good at, but Jared and I try to read them every day, and every time we read, I find something new. It is so interesting to have my very own priesthood holder there to answer my questions and help me understand and gain a stronger testimony.
I'm grateful for our car (well....Dwaynes car...haha) and our little red scooter, and that it hasn't been so freezing this fall and understanding professors and doing well on tests and getting good grades and staying motivated and keeping strong through my sicknesses this semester, and for our wonderful friends who keep me smiling and for my Savior and Heavenly Father.
Most of all, my sweet husband. Without him I would be lost. He helps me be the best I can be. He is my strength, and he keeps me happy. I laugh so hard every day, he is hilarious! He is so loving, and sweet, and makes me feel beautiful. He is always willing to clean the kitchen after I cook, and I appreciate that more than he knows....=]. He is the most handsome man in the entire world. He has big goals, and I know that if Jared wanted to whole world, he would get it, because he is the hardest working person I have ever met. His spirit of laughter and love fills our home and lifts me up. He keeps me down to Earth, and doesn't let me get too far off into Shannon-land. He really is the voice of reason in my head. He pushes me to be better, and is the absolute love of my life. My soul mate, my everything. There is no greater blessing in my life than to be able to fall asleep and wake up next to him every day and night. He will be the best Father and I wouldn't want to face having children with anyone else in the world. He was the answer to my prayers, and hopefully eternity will be long enough for me to express my love to him.
I love you all!

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