3 weeks left!

I cannot believe this semester is almost over! We are so blessed to be able to do so many things, we have such a fantastic life, and it keeps getting better and better!
These past few weeks have been full of homework. I have been trying to do a lot so I wouldn't have to stress so much for the last weeks of school. I was also able to register for next semester with my (finally) approved major, woo hoo! It's University studies, so it's a customized major, I am doing culinary arts, event planning, and marriage and family studies. So next semester is going to be another busy one...20 credits again! But its full of classes like "baking" and "wedding flowers", so I don't mind so much =]. Jared is off track next semester and he is still doing his internship, which has been doing pretty well. I already cannot wait for my 5 month break from school....
Big event of the past few weeks is Peter and Tara's Wedding! Dalby has finally become Hibbard, and Jared and I were able to attend their sealing and reception as a bridesmaid and groomsman. It was a wonderful (windy and snowy and rainy) day. The sealing was so beautiful and I'm so glad we were able to be there. It was my first sealing I've ever been to, besides my own! So it was so special. The day was going great until I had to walk about a half a mile to lunch in my 4 inch black heels...which proceeded to break....haha. But at night they had their dinner reception at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building and I don't think i have ever seen a more beautifully decorated room. Tara's colors (black and purple) looked so elegant, the food was good, they had a few cute presentations of videos and speeches, and the bride and groom looked so great. We love our friends are are so happy for them!
The day after the wedding we got to fly to Denver to go to my house for Thanksgiving, and it was so great. I haven't been home since the wedding, and it was about time I saw my family! I missed them so much! We shopped, watched a heck of a lot of Harry Potter, and ate...and ate and ate and ate. It was fabulous =]. My parents are so sweet and helped us out so much, and it was pretty great to be a guest in their house (no chores, getting spoiled....). Thanksgiving was wonderful, the food was so great, and as always I loved seeing my second family The Cooks. Jared was able to shadow Thom Cook one of the days we were there. He is a salesman and was really eager to help Jared out, he is so awesome!
As I mentioned, lots of Harry Potter. I read all of the books multiple times as a kid, and absolutely loved them. I really wanted to see the new movie, but I haven't read the books or seen the other movies for years! So we all had a big Harry Potter Marathon, movies 1-6, before going to see the 7th one, and I've missed Harry Potter! I used to read so much, and since I've been in school I just don't have any time! So I've resolved to read all of the books again before the last movie comes out in July. I will MAKE myself read, because I really love it so much!
It was sad to leave beautiful Colorado, but we are now home safe and sound, and it is nice and snowy here in lovely Rexburg. Tomorrow is our 6 month anniversary (crazzyy), I can't belive it's been half a year already! Only 3 weeks until we go to North Carolina...I cannot believe it's almost Christmas! But for now I have a lot of work to do....

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  1. Glad you guys had a great time at Thanksgiving, we are sure excited for you to get here for Christmas!! Love ya!