Myrtle Beach...and back to school

Ahhh the end of summer. I do have to say that I was ready to get back into the swing of things, but not before we went to amazing myrtle beach!! We left last monday, and just drove down, and got into our hotel, they upgraded us to an awesome beach view room because it was our honeymoon.
Pretty much we spent 4 days on the beach, just tanning and playing in the huge waves resulting from hurricane Earl. We also went to Medieval times, a dinner/tournament castle, where there were knights that did tournament things, and jousted, and fake fought. They fed us half a chicken, some soup, bread, and a pastry, it was really good and really fun...I just wish my camera hadn't died ten minutes before we left!! I got a few pictures on my cell phone, but they aren't very good...I will be bitter about that forever...haha
We also went to this cute place called Dusty street seafood shack and got some good shrimp and filet of fish.

On our last day there before we left we went to one of Myrtle Beach's infamous miniature golf courses, called Mayday golf, and there was a life size helicopter and biplane that were supposed to be crashed right in the course, that was so fun.

We then went back to Charlotte for our last couple of days and hung out with Jared's mom, and that was so fun, we played a lot of games and I decided I will always be bad at Trains....
We flew back here on Tuesday, and man it is so good to be home, I've missed our cute apartment! School started yesterday, and Jared and I both are juggling 20 credits, so it is a little overwhelming right now, but hopefully we will get into a nice rhythm and we can get through it with a lot of A's!