The Summer is almost gone!!

Oh man I have been so bad at blogging! It has been such a fun 6 weeks. Before we left Rexburg we had a couple of days when Jared was out of school before we left for North Carolina, and we ended up buying a moped! We got a great deal on it, and it is so cute, and so much fun, it is perfect for riding around Rexburg,  we love it! We also got moved into our new apartment, right next store to the old one, and it is great. I spent a lot of time looking on the BYUI bulletin board looking for deals on furniture, since we had been using furniture in our old apartment that belonged to the people we were leasing it from, and I found a dresser, a bookcase, a desk, and a nice dryer. It's nice living in our own place, but we only spent a few days in there before we took off.
North Carolina has been beautiful, but pretty darn hot. Jared was able to work pretty much every day doing construction and remodeling projects making very good money, and my sweet Mother-in-law sent out an email to the ladies in the ward telling them I was available for babysitting, so I was able to work quite a bit, and we have been able to save so much money!
I've really enjoyed staying with my in-laws, and getting to know them better, I really did get lucky!
Other than babysitting, I've just been hanging out, which I've gotten pretty used to over the past 5 1/2 months since I've been out of school. I've read a few books, sold some odds and ends on craigslist, and spent quite a bit of time at my sister-in-law Vanessa's pool, and hanging out with her son Mason, who I love so much! I love being an Aunt!
Last week we went up to Fontana Resort, in the smoky mountains, where the Thomas' have spent countless vacations, it was so much fun and it was absolutely beautiful. The lake there is pristine! I am so used to grimy, dirty lakes that are freezing cold, but this lake was like bathwater, and so clear, and smooth as glass. We got to kayak on the lake, and one day we rented a pontoon boat and went tubing. Another day we rafted down the Nantahala River, now it wasn't any of the class-five rapids I'm used to out west, but it was so fun, and we even almost fell out of the raft once hehe. That week was so fun, I feel like I got so much closer with everyone, and more comfortable, I really feel like part of the family now!
Now, as of today, Jared and I have been married a whole 3 months! We are really loving being newlyweds, we are so lucky and blessed to be able to do pretty much whatever we want, it is so nice not having any responsibilities! We are finally going on our real honeymoon tomorrow through next Friday, to beautiful Myrtle beach, and we can't wait!! Then when we get back, we have a few more days here, then it is back to Rexburg, and back to school, which I really am getting excited about. I miss our home!

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