Only a couple weeks left here...

Jared is a little sad this week, his lacrosse season is over. They had their last/championship game on Friday night, and Jared scored 5 goals!! He had a lot of fun playing, and wants to help start a league in the fall, and if they play, Jared and I are going to co-coach, because every team is required to have a girl coach, and I've sat through enough games that I know the rules pretty much backwards and forwards, and it would be so much fun!

Jared has also been really involved in the Special Olympics Council for the school this semester, and on Saturday they put on a dance for all of the local kids, so we went and helped set up everything and stayed and played games and danced, and it was so fun. Jared was so sweet to all the kids, and everyone had fun dancing with him.
This week I've been feeling pretty sick....so I haven't done much, Jared has taken care of me, and the apartment, and has been so kind to me, I am so lucky!!
Then tonight we just got back from this ropes course. It was too windy to climp the course, but we were able to swing from 30 feet in the air, it was a lot of fun. Our friend Ross went off, and something about the falling and the adrenaline made his jaw lock, and he couldnt close his mouth for like 10 minutes! We were about ready to take him to the hospital when it snapped back into place, but it was so scary!

There's Jared swinging                                                    

And me swinging!
Tonight Jared registers for classes in the fall, and I register on the 16th, we are really excited, and are coordinating our schedules well. Next week is finals, so Jared has been doing a lot of work, but the week after that we are home free! I keep having sweet dreams of waking up in North Carolina, I am so excited for it. But before we can leave we have to move all of our stuff into our new apartment, which is conveniently located right next door (literally) to us, but it is still a bit of work. I'm alright with it though, it gives me a project to do to pass the time! I can't believe I'm saying it, but I cannot wait to get back into school, I'm gong a bit stir crazy...

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