Fourth of July

This weekend was amazing!! We were able to go down to Salt Lake to my Grandma Bunch's house where my family was waiting. This was so awesome because I have been missing them like crazy. We met them in downtown Salt Lake and got to walk around temple square (seems like we've been there a lot lately).  We went to the HUGE new Deseret Book and walked around and took some pictures. That night we went back to Grandma's house and just hung out, and watched a movie.

Saturday my siblings and Jared and I really wanted to go swimming, it was beautiful, and we just couldn't sit around Grandma's house, so Skyler, Nicole, Lance, Jared and I took off to find Utah Lake. Well 2 minutes after leaving, the GPS just would NOT find Utah Lake, so Jared selected "Silver Sands Beach" and we thought we would explore a bit. A half an hour later we pulled up to none other that the Great Salt Lake. It reeked of dead fish/birds/bugs you name it, but we parked and headed out to the salty sea. The water wasn't actually bad, it didn't smell, only the beach did, and you could completely float on top of the water without doing anything because the salt was so dense, it was actually really fun...until we got out, the water dried, and we were all crusted over with salt....But now we can all say that we've swam in the Salt Lake, and had a ton of fun doing it =]That night we had BBQ and fireworks with most of my Dad's side of the family, so Jared got to meet a ton more people who he is now related to.

Sunday we went to visit my Mom's sister Laurie, who lives about 20 minutes from my Grandma. My Aunt and her husband Mark have been married 13 years and were told they would never have kids, when 9 months ago she showed up pregnant! She was due in 10 days, so she was about to pop, and it was so nice to see her. Well 20 minutes after our family left, her water broke! Nothing like a nice loud visit from the Bunch family to put you into labor....so she ended up having the baby just a couple hours later...a 10.11 pound baby none the less. The poor little boy (Asher) even got his arm broken on his way out, so his poor mom who has been waiting 13 years to hold her little baby can barely touch him, and they put him in a little sling!
Monday morning we left and picked up Peter and Tara from Salt Lake, and headed for Rexburg, but stopped at Willard Bay on the way. We rented a jet ski for half the day, and it was so much fun! The water was warm and the beach was pretty, and jet skiing was perfect on the choppy water. That is definitely a place to go back to, and the rental was even pretty cheap!
Now we are back in Rexburg, and I finally got my wedding pictures. Here is a public link to those ( http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=186824&id=515052571&l=c70678ba09 ) so I've been sifting through those, and ordering thank you cards and prints, its so crazy that it's been 5 1/2 weeks already. We also signed our contract for our apartment through the next 6 months, so I feel a lot more at ease, and like we have a home.
Next time we go to Salt lake is just in 4 weeks! We both cannot wait for North Carolina!

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