Jared Turns 22

On January 16th Jared turned 22. This was his first birthday since being back from his mission, and I wanted to make it really special for him. I ordered a nice American Eagle hoodie, and a nice sweater, and I made dinner, and the next night we went out to see a movie and get ice cream. It was so much fun. Jared kept saying it was the best birthday ever, and I just kept thinking about next year, when he turns 23, and how that's going to be like, and where we would be...
It was that night, when I was dozing, that Jared told me he wanted to marry me. At first I thought I had dreamed it, but the next night we started talking about it. Finally I could tell him about what I was thinking, and what I wanted. It was so nice sitting in the little pretzel and ice cream place, just thinking about what it would be like to be married. But we knew it owuld be a little ways off. Jared wasn't going to be out of school until July, and we didn't want to rush the wedding, so we started talking about the end of July as a possibility, this would have worked out well, since he could have proposed in April when I go out to North Carolina to meet his family. But the Lord definitely had other plans for us.

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