Jax David Thomas- Birth Story

SO. Let me start off by giving the pretext for this birth story. My mom was taking my sister out to school at BYU-Idaho. They came got in Thursday night, the 14th, and planned to take her to Rexburg on the 16th (Saturday), then my mom would come back through Salt Lake, stay the night, and leave Sunday the 17th to go back home, unless I'd had the baby by then. At 38 weeks (April 10th) I was DONE, and I had soooo many contractions on and off. I wanted so badly to have this baby so my mom could just stay instead of leaving and having to come back. So Thursday, Friday, and Saturday came and went, and I didn't have anything more than Braxton Hicks. Mom got back in from taking Nicole late Saturday night, but there was a huge snow storm scheduled to hit Denver that night, so she wasn't sure she was going to leave in the morning or not. I had been absolutely PLEADING with the Lord to have this baby when my mom could be at our house to watch Colton. We had plans with friends to watch Colton while we were having the baby, but to be able to have him at home, with my mom, would have been such a relief. I was literally crying to Heavenly Father that Friday, the 15th, to please please let me go into labor so mom could watch Colton, when I heard a voice, clear as day, say to me "Trust me". I wish I could say that I calmed down and knew everything would be fine after that, but my pleading continued....
last preggo picture of me! 38 weeks 6 days 

So by Sunday morning, the snowstorm had dumped 2.5 feet of snow on Denver, and I-80 was closed. There was no way my mom was getting home that day. We went to sacrament meeting, and I started having light contractions about 10 minutes apart, but this had been happening for days, so I wasn't too excited. They tapered off, and in a last ditch effort, that afternoon we went to the park. I alternated walking the curb around the playground, and swinging, and by golly when we left the park at 3:30, contractions had started back up again. Mom, Colton and I went down to Herriman to visit my aunt, where my contractions got to be 6 minutes apart. By the time we left there at 5:45, they were 4 minutes apart, and getting stronger, I could barely talk through them. We got home, put Colton down, and at 7:45 I had a contraction I couldn't talk or breathe through, and it HURT and I said "Alright, let's go". I couldn't believe how perfectly Heavenly Father had timed everything. The peace of mind I had leaving Colton with my mom was so great, I just was so so grateful. 
SO we got to the hospital, and they finally checked me at about 9, and they said I was a 3, and 80% effaced, which was exactly what I had been the past Tuesday at my dr. appt. So we labored for an hour and got checked again. No progression. My labor at this point was UNBEARABLE. keep in mind, I labored with Colton, all natural, for TWENTY hours, and pushed, at a 10, for 3 of those. I know what labor is, I've done it, drug free, and survived, and at a 3 dilation I was BARELY making it through my contractions, which were 2 minutes apart at this point. I couldn't believe the pain I was having vs. the no progression. So I labored there another hour, and with every contraction was getting close to blacking out. Still, NO PROGRESSION. and at that point I tapped out. They wanted to give me morphine for the pain and to keep me overnight, especially because my incision scar was hurting me with each contraction and they were concerned. But I said no way jose, not doing that again, call my doctor we are doing the freaking c-section, this kid is STUCK just like his brother was, I can tell. So they dragged my doc in at 12 am April 18th, I walked into the OR, they gave me the spinal block (ahhhh immediate relief. I wonder how many women want to kiss their anesthesiologists?!) and got me all set up. The "c-section shakes" started immediately, which I remembered well. They are almost like mini seizures! and it's not even because I was cold, I dunno, it is so weird. But they got started, and Jared stood and watched the whole thing! In about 15 minutes they had our little man out and he was crying and I immediately cried. It was so wonderful not being SO out of it (though I was still out of it...me + morphine=not fun). He was born at 1:06 am, weighed 7.36 lbs and was 21 inches long. 

They took the boy back and Jared went with him, and in another 20 minutes they were wheeling me to the recovery room where Jared had been doing skin to skin with him. Jared passed him to me and I got to feed him right away. 

After that everything was kind of a blur. I was so darn tired and the morphine made it so much worse. at some point during the night I started throwing up. Couldn't keep even 2 ice chips down. My body temp got super low, down to about 95 degrees, and my oxygen levels and heart rate fell really low along with it, I remember my heart rate got down to 51 bpm and thinking man that's really low. But my body was trying to get rid of hormones so I was actually feeling SUPER hot, and I was sweating like crazy, but they kept these heavy blankets on me, which made me so nauseous and I kept throwing up. I just did not understand what was going on I was so out of it. Let me tell you throwing up right after a c-section is as much fun as you can imagine. This went on all Monday night, and finally started to subside Monday afternoon around 3 when the morphine started to wear off, that when I kind of start remembering things better. We kind of discussed names at that point, but I was so groggy I wanted to get a good night's sleep before deciding on a name. 

That night I did get the catheter out and was able to walk down on my own (veerrry slowly) to the nursery to watch them give our boy his first bath. It was the absolute cutest thing when Jared was washing his hair. He was the most relaxed I've ever seen a newborn, he LOVED that warm water on his head!

Tuesday I woke up and felt great. Jared left to go spend time with Colton, but before he went, we had to pick a name, so we settled on Jax David, David after my dad, of course! After Jared left I was able to shower and get mostly ready, and even tidied up the little hospital room a bit. The baby was doing so awesome, eating great and sleeping so well. I had barely even heard him cry! Tuesday afternoon mom and Jared brought Colton in, and Colton adjusting to the new baby is a whole post on it's own, but it did not go great. That night my mom stayed with me so Jared could spend time at home with Colton, then Wednesday morning mom and Jared swapped again, and we were discharged by noon! A total of 2.5 days in the hospital was so great, and it was awesome to get home. 
Going home!
Even though I will always have the yearning to have a baby vaginally, I am so grateful for the modern medicine that allows me to have beautiful babies, even though my pelvis makes it physically impossible for me to get them out. All my future births will have to be c-sections, and I have to say, planning a date, that we KNOW my mom will be out to watch the kids will be so much better than the labor waiting game! I am so madly in love with our Jax. He is such a wonderful baby, I almost believed there wasn't such a thing as wonderful babies. He is so content and SO snuggly, and I am soaking it all up. I think with this one I will be so sad to see the baby stage go, but I will take advantage of every minute!!


33 weeks and so many feelings...(ramblings of a pregnant woman)

I was reading back on my almost weekly updates I did when I was pregnant with Colton and realized other than announcing the pregnancy, I haven't written about it at all, except pictures on instagram. In a lot of ways this pregnancy has gone faster and better than Colton's. I haven't been as sick, and I haven't been working a job that I hate, those two things combined have made this so much more enjoyable! But I am just not a fan of being pregnant. Some people say they love it. I think those people are lying (haha). A big thing I struggle with while pregnant is insomnia. More than just getting up all the time to use the bathroom, I just can. not. sleep. and this is almost my entire pregnancy. So on top of the exhaustion from growing a person, I barely get any sleep, and that makes me a crazy zombie. But that is ok! I am grateful for these little people I get to bring into our family!
I got really upset last night for a very silly, but legitimate reason. Colton has been so awesome lately. He has been so fun and for the first time in his life I just don't want him to grow any bigger. This would be the perfect age forever. He is so sweet and adorable and our day to day lives are so great. The evenings and weekends are so fun with dad at home. Our family is in such a wonderful place, I don't want it to change! Colton is my whole world. I feel silly even typing this, but I feel like I'm cheating on him by having another baby! That may sound crazy, and I logically understand that my love will double, and Colton will love his brother and it will be so wonderful, but just being honest, I can't comprehend another child, Colton has come first and taught me so much, this next baby will be a little imposter! I feel bad that my attention will be divided and Colton won't be my only focus anymore. I know it will be different once the baby comes, and our family will adjust and it will be great, I am just being hormonal and emotional. And one day I will read back on this post and my heart will be so full of love.
I always thought once you had one kid, adding more kids was so much easier, because you know what you're getting into, but feeling the way I have has humbled me yet again. I never expected to feel like I am betraying Colton by having another baby. Maybe when we add a third baby I won't feel like it's such a huge adjustment (queue future Shannon laughing). Motherhood continues to teach me so much!!
Anyway, as far as a pregnancy update goes, baby boy is head down. I have consistently measured two weeks ahead, which really means nothing haha, and everything looks good! I have gained 28 lbs so far, which is pretty much exactly what I gained with Colton at this point. I am 46 inches around, and I never measured with Colton, I wish I could have! I will be attempting a VBAC with this baby, and am actually freaking out about it. I have no plan or idea of how the delivery will go this time, other than there will be drugs, and early. Other than that, baby is in the driver's seat, and as long as he comes out healthy, everything else doesn't matter, VBAC or not. My doctor is really optimistic though, especially since he is head down so early, hopefully that will open my hips and pelvis a lot more than Colton did, since he was breach until about 36 weeks.
I saw this picture on pinterest and just about died

This is so me. I have purchased exactly 4 things for this baby. A rock and play sleeper, a double stroller, a new diaper bag, and a box of size 1 diapers. That's it. We don't have a nursery set up for him at all, since Colton is still in the crib. He will kind of sleep in our room, and then in the pack and play in the room next to ours until Colton is ready for a toddler bed (yikes). It is so funny what perspective you have with your second baby. We went on a hospital tour a few weeks ago (basically to just figure out where to go when I go into labor) and we were the only couple there having our second baby. Everyone else was asking about birth plans and squat bars and jaccuzzis and I was the only one asking about where a c-section would be done, and how early I can get my epidural, and if I can eat at all during labor. But we were those people the first time around, and I absolutely hope their births go the way they are planning!


Colton is 18 Months

I cannot believe our little guy is 18 months old. It feels like I had him just yesterday!
Somebody got up on the table and snuck a donut...
This is our favorite age so far. I am not very sentimental. I don't long for the days Colton was a newborn, but know I will long for 18 months when he is older. Colton is so much fun. We laugh at so many things together and play so many games. He understands pretty much everything we tell him and ask him to do, and he actually listens. He says about 30 words (list below), and says more every day. I love seeing him learn and explore. He loves being mama's "helpful boy" and will do anything to be praised as helpful (putting laundry in the washer/dryer, picking up garbage, putting away toys, etc.) Colton loves building with his mega blocks, running around with anything over his head/face (laundry baskets, toy buckets, etc), jumping on the trampoline, going for walks, but most of all, Colton loves music. He absolutely loves watching music videos, and singing at the top of his lungs, His favorite songs to sing to are Wildest Dreams by Taylor Swift, and Hello by Adele. He will sing, on tune, the right notes, and say the words he can understand. It is hilarious. He also loves joining in singing the hymns at church, much to the delight of everyone sitting around us. He has also started making up his own songs, singing "memo memo" (elmo elmo) over and over while looking at an Elmo story.
Feet kicked up looking at the ipod we use as his sound machine, little thief...
At night he knows we put on pajamas, then he runs to the bathroom saying "teeth teeth" and waits for dad to sit him on the counter and help brush teeth, then drink out of the faucet. He then runs back into his room sits down and folds his arms for prayer, where at the end he says "ama" (amen). He also folds his arms every time he sits in his high chair to bless the food.
This past Saturday we worked outside as a family all day. Jared cut some huge branches that were hanging over our house and we had a ton to break down and throw away when a very nice man with a trailer pulled up and asked if he could take a bunch of branches to the dump for us. We quickly started filling up his trailer, well Colton ran around picking up handfuls of sticks, and would run them over to the trailer and drop them in. It was the sweetest thing in the whole world.
I have also been encouraging Colton to play on his own more, and his favorite thing is to sit in his room and read stories. He has never liked being read to, he prefers to turn the pages at his own pace and study the pictures on his own. He also loves pulling out the scrapbooks upstairs and turning the pages, pointing out family members he recognizes.
He has always disliked keeping his shoes on after he gets in his carseat, so we have been working on keeping his shoes on like a big boy. Every time he keeps his shoes on when we arrive at our destination he taps his shoes to show mom how good he was.
Colton has been obsessed on Dada, and will do anything to mimic him. He loves to do pushups with him, or lay on the trampoline when he does, or anything dada is doing.
We are working on nursery. His first Sunday he did absolutely great and we were able to leave him in there no problem. Since then he has realized he doesn't love when we leave him. So yesterday I just sat in nursery the whole time. He played great with the other kids, didn't cry at all, and loved eating his snack, and of course singing songs. He didn't need to be by me, but he did periodically check to make sure I was still in there. I figure after a couple patient weeks to show him that he's not being abandoned in a scary place, I'll be able to leave no problem and he will love it there!
We are still working on eating with utensils. I think Colton is left handed, he picks most everything up with his left hand, but as you can see, he uses his right to shovel food in...

I am so obsessed with our boy, he is so sweet and I love seeing his mind work. I say "he is the cutest kid in the whole world" about 20 times a day, and really don't know how his little brother will be able to compare to him. I can't believe there's less than two months we have left with Colton as an only child. He has taught us so so much, he made us parents, and made us fall head over heels for him. He will continue to teach us and humble us I am sure, but for the next 2 months I just want to soak him in. This is the first time I have ever said I wish he could stay this age forever!!
Words Colton knows as of 2/29/16:
Dada, Mama, Grandpa, thank you, go, car, shoe, sock on, ball, bar, bath, more, teeth, cheese, cracker, amen, Damon, Kah (skyler), Co (Nicole), Cool (sunglasses), block, elmo, Barney, water, cookie, binkey, night night, diaper, mickey.
Animals he recognizes and knows their sounds:
Dog, cat, monkey, cow, horse, lion, tiger, snake.
Height is 32" (41st percentile) and weight is 26lbs (53rd percentile). I just went and bought him a bunch of 24 month clothes, he has been exact in all of his clothes sizes his whole life, and it makes getting clothes super easy!


Video Home Tour & Before Pics

I wanted to get this post up pretty quickly since we have done so much to this house in just 6 weeks, plus the more time that goes by the less I was motivated to do it, so here we go! Here are a bunch of before pictures. There are mostly of the basement, and Jared had already torn up the nasty dark brown shag carpet, but you can get the [horrid] idea
Laundry Room


 What's now Colton's Room

 What's now the guest room

 living room


 Horrid Red lights

 Painting over the Utah Ute's "U's". There was one in every room.

See the "After" in the video. To point out, we had all the carpeting replaced, light grey downstairs, and a bit darker up. We painted the entire basement, as well as the two bedrooms upstairs. Jared put in new baseboards and window sills in all the rooms downstairs,and we replaced all the doors. One of the upstairs bedrooms was that awful pink, and the other was -SHOCK- Red. 



This Christmas really felt like Colton's first. He was 4 months old last year and we were at Jared's parent's house, so we really didn't do a whole lot. Since then we decided that we wouldn't travel during Christmas anymore. Too expensive, too hectic, and too unpredictable with the crazy weather. Plus shipping presents somewhere just to pay to check them in a bag to fly home doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Even though Jared and Colton were both sick with bad colds this year, we were so excited to celebrate at our own home. Even though we didn't have any decor up in the new house, we made sure to make the house feel Christmas-y. We hung lights outside and put up the tree inside.
The week before Christmas we were able to have Jared's sister Vanessa's family over for a whole Sunday. They were in Utah visiting Mike's parent's for Christmas. Colton and Owen had a great time playing and we had a great time visiting.
The day before Christmas eve we hosted a big Christmas party for a bunch of our friends. Man we have missed entertaining! Unfortunately we didn't get any pictures, but we had delicious food, we did a white elephant exchange, all the kids ran around having a blast, and I made these Buttermilk Syrup jars as favors. We had such a good time!
Christmas eve Vanessa's in-laws invited us over for their family dinner and festivities. The food was delicious, and the company was so fun! Colton had an absolute blast.
That night we got poor sicky Colton to bed and we filled the stockings and I set up the presents after poor sicky Jared went to sleep.
Christmas morning we had delicious casserole and when Colton got up he went right over to check out his kitchen and chair. He also loved opening the rest of his presents! He is so loved!
We like keeping our Christmas small. It is wonderful to see Colton get excited (and the older he gets, the more fun it will be), but spending time as a family, eating good food, and thinking about our Savior are the best parts of Christmas!

Colton opening one of his 12 days of Christmas presents from Grandma, a Barney DVD! he was excited

"Ho Ho Hats" of all shapes and sizes"


All the Sudden it's Winter!

On December 11th is was in the low 60s and Colton and I had fun exploring our new backyard.
Then on the 14th we got about a foot of snow! Jared had to stay home from work, branches were falling on our roof, and there was a downed power line on our street so we had policemen and firemen at the end of our driveway all day!
Of course we had to dress up and play in the snow. A fireman even brought Colton a hat. He tried to be brave, but he was absolutely terrified of the man haha
I absolutely love the snow, now it really feels like Christmas!